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Make a Donation to the Haitian Relief Fund

In partnership with GPUAC, HPP has established a fund to support Haitian relief and rebuilding efforts. This fund will provide resources to organizations on the frontlines that are helping the Haitian people to rebuild their communities and lives.  Please give generously.

To contribute to the Haitian Relief and Rebuilding Fund, click below:

VOLUNTEER FOR HAITI | Injured Haitian Families Coming to Philadelphia
A number of Haitian families will be arriving in Philadelphia during the week. We need your help and expertise to provide housing and resources. In order to combat this monumental tragedy we are seeking the assistance of the community to lend their skills and experience as we embark on this journey to help the Haitian community. HPP invites you to lend a helping hand in one of the following ways and we will show you how you can change a nation! Please click on the respective button to fill out our Volunteer Database:

1. Host a Haitian Family coming to Philadelphia

We need your help! Join HPP in extending a helping hand to Haitians who are coming to Philadelphia as companions of those injured in the earthquake. You can be an integral part in providing housing, food, and counseling services for these Haitian earthquake survivors coming to Philadelphia.

2. Mental Health Professional Volunteer

While our priority thus far has been to attend to the physical needs of those affected on the ground in Haiti, we know that the emotional and physiological well being of the Haitian Diaspora during this time of trauma and loss is as equally important.

3. Medical Responder Volunteer
Partake in a life changing and life saving experience in Haiti as an on the ground medical volunteer. Must be available to travel to Haiti .

4. Local/Philadelphia Volunteer

Assist HPP an our partner organizations with the day to day activities of the relief effort by donating your time and man power. Join us behind the scene and become a member of the team that is making this Relief effort in Philadelphia possible.

Opportunities may include: answering and making phone calls, filing, sorting medicine, assisting to plan an event, assisting to manage an on-going program, preparing important documents, organizing supplies, making travel arrangements, and assisting us as we research new ways to engage volunteers like you!